Coronavirus Update

In response to rapidly developing public announcements related to Coronavirus, Cage & Miles can support consults and cases remotely due to our cutting edge technology for all employees and our cloud based firm management system. Our people can work remotely on all facets of client cases. In the unfortunate event that one or more of our people are exposed to the virus, our clients’ work does not need to stop. All client files are uploaded, secured and safely backed up on the cloud. We have contingency plans in place at our two offices to see that correspondence from the court, case professionals, opposing counsel, and service providers gets uploaded to our clients’ secured cloud file so our people can work remotely. We are ready, willing and able to keep your case moving forward during these uncertain times. Please contact us if you have questions about how public announcements affect your case. Please click here for more resources.

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  • License Suspensions for Past-Due Child Support in California
    License Suspensions for Past-Due Child Support in California

    When child support is first ordered in a paternity , legal separation, or divorce action, the parents are usually new to California’s child support laws, and they are not very familiar with how the ...

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  • How to Have a 'Good Divorce'
    How to Have a 'Good Divorce'

    We’re not going to candy-coat it: Divorce can be hard, extremely hard. Even when your marriage is unhealthy and destructive, actually filing for divorce can impact you in many unpleasant ways – it can ...

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