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Protecting Your Children During Your Divorce

The most sensitive and vulnerable members of a family are often the children – as a parent, you do everything in your power to protect their well-being. Breaking the news of a divorce, however, can be devastating to a child. If you’re ending your marriage and have concerns on how to discuss your divorce with your child, our San Diego divorce lawyer has gathered a few tips to keep in mind that can help you keep a strong relationship with your child throughout the process.

Avoid the Blame Game

Try not to point the finger or be overly critical of your spouse – it’s important to remember that this individual is also your child’s parent, and he or she needs to see that there is still mutual respect between you and your spouse. This can be tough, especially in cases when the marriage is ending due to the actions of one particular spouse.

Reassurance is Key

It’s likely that this is a time in your child’s life characterized by doubt and uncertainty. During the divorce transition, reassure your child that they are loved by both parents regardless of the obstacles you are facing as a family.

Create a New Routine

Establishing a new routine is a crucial component in navigating through the divorce – up until this moment, your child has become familiar with a certain routine that is now somewhat interrupted. During this transition, it’s common for children to test boundaries and behavioral rules. It’s important to take the initiative to create a new routine, keep it consistent, and stick to it.

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