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What to Bring to Your Divorce Consultation

The first meeting you have with your divorce lawyer can also be the most informative. Typically, these initial meetings shouldn’t take longer than half an hour – since time is limited, you should prepare beforehand to get as much as you can out of your consultation. In this blog, our San Diego divorce attorney explains what you should bring to your divorce consultation.

A List of Questions

No question is too big or too small to ask during your consultation. It’s likely that you have concerns that need to be addressed regarding the timeline, cost, and outcome of your divorce. Terminating a marriage is a critical turning point in your life – you deserve to understand the aspects of your divorce before starting the process.

Legal Documents

You and your spouse have accumulated paperwork throughout the years of your marriage that are absolutely crucial in the divorce process. Documents such as premarital agreements, recent tax returns, and records of legal proceedings that involve any of your children should be brought to your consultation. Such paperwork can give your attorney a realistic view of what your divorce is going to look like, which may allow him or her to better estimate the cost and timeline of the process.

Pay Stubs

When it comes time to decide on spousal support and child support, you’ll be asked to disclose documentation that outlines how much income you and your spouse are bringing in. While this information may not be needed immediately, it’s always best to take a proactive approach by bringing them to your attorney early in the process.

At Cage & Miles, LLP, our priority has always and will always be our clients, their needs, and their concerns. We have years of legal experience to bring to the table and devote our time and energy to making sure those who come to our firm retain the best possible representation.

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