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Child Custody Mistakes to Avoid

Child custody matters can often get emotional and heated, which can lead to parents making poor judgments and bad decisions that may negatively impact their custody case. Whether you are fighting for custody or going through a tough divorce, you should always be aware of your conduct at all times. A lapse in judgment or a mistake can jeopardize your ability to obtain the custody arrangement that you want. Know your rights and the proper way to handle yourself with dignity and integrity throughout the entirety of your custody proceedings. Our San Diego child custody attorneys at Cage & Miles, LLP can help you.

Never do the following if you are in the middle of a custody battle:

  • Violate a court order: If you have temporary custody orders in place or an existing protective order issued against you, never disobey them. Violating these court orders can subject you to penalties from the court and make the court think that you do not respect their authority. Ultimately, it is in your best interests to follow any court orders, even if you do not agree with them.
  • Get arrested: Even if an arrest does not result in a conviction, being the subject of a criminal investigation can signal to a judge that you may not be a fit parent. For example, if you are being accused of a violent crime, the other parent can try to convince the judge that you are abusive and should not be awarded physical custody or visitation.
  • Lie: One of the worst things you can do for your custody matter is lie to the judge and lie to your attorney.
    If a judge catches you in a lie, this can ruin your credibility and hurt your chances of being awarded custody.
    Lying to your attorney is also a bad idea because your attorney is here to help you. Without understanding the full details of your case, he or she is unable to provide effective representation.
  • Using social media carelessly: Anything you post on social media can be used against you, so it is important that you exercise good judgment when deciding what you share with the public. Even if your social profile is marked as “private,” you should always refrain from posting anything that could suggest that you are a bad parent or have poor judgment.
    Examples include posting pictures of you out drinking or angry rants badmouthing the other parent. If you can, avoid social media altogether until after your custody matter is settled.
  • Avoid communication: Children benefit the most when both parents are able to effectively communicate with each other. Refusing to communicate or cooperate can put you at risk of being denied custody. Judges will often look at a parent’s willingness to communicate and co-parent when making custody decisions.

Hands-On Guidance Through Your Child Custody Dispute

When your parental rights are at stake, have a trusted advocate help you through the legal process. At Cage & Miles, our San Diego divorce lawyers focus exclusively on family law and have effectively represented a diverse range of issues facing families, including child custody, divorce, modification, and more. We can stand by you throughout your custody proceedings and provide all the legal support you need. Schedule an initial consultation by calling or (858) 943-2060 send us a message.