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Should I Sell My Marital Home?

Selling your marital home is an entirely personal choice, and there is no single solution to making this decision. Many people fear selling their home out of losing something they are attached to, but it may be the push you need to get over the ending of your marriage. A trusted San Diego divorce attorney, such as ours at Cage & Miles, will help advise you on what exactly is best for you and your family.

In some instances, selling your marital home is an entirely financial decision. Even if both parties want to stay in the home and refuse to give up their place, selling the home may be exactly the decision to prevent either party from entering financial ruin. Deciding to sell will mean you will make a clean break, and will also have some money to help you start over.

Reasons against selling the home include if you have children who are attached to staying in the home they grew up in, or if you cannot afford to pay off the mortgage or the capital gains tax which may apply. Overall, it is best to consider the specifics of your particular situation before you do something rash, and our San Diego divorce attorneys of Cage & Miles, LLP will do everything possible to set you on the best course of action.

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