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5 Ways to Connect with Your Kids After Divorce

Don’t Let Divorce Drive You Apart

Changes in living situations, having two separate homes, and feeling torn between parents can sometimes make it hard for our children to connect with us after divorce. If you find yourself struggling to stay connected, or if your custody is limited, you may need some help with maintaining a relationship with your children. The team of San Diego divorce attorneys at Cage & Miles, LLP understand how hard it is to go through major life changes without a disruption to your relationships. We compiled a list of 5 ways to stay connected to your kids after divorce, to hopefully help you through this transition a bit more smoothly.

5 Tips for Staying Connected

It’s not uncommon to feel defeated or a little bit lost when your family unit has been broken up and remodeled. Our team is experienced with the process of divorce, innumerable child custody situations, and ways that parents have reconnected with their kids. We understand that when you’ve been through an emotionally draining, exhausting divorce, you might need some extra help in connecting with your children.

Below are 5 ways to stay connected to your kids after a divorce:

  1. Find a shared hobby: Building new memories is a great way to connect with your children in a way you may not have done before. Whether it is through a sport, shared hobby, or taking a class together, starting something new together will forge conversations and experiences with your children.
  2. Be consistent: Make plans and keep them, and if possible develop a predictable routine that you stick to, so your kids will know when they can expect to see you. Consider have a weekly or monthly dinner at the same place, to develop a routine of activities where you spend quality time together.
  3. Be Present: When you are spending time with your kids, be present. Don’t be on your phone, watching television, or working. Give your kids undivided attention, they will notice!
  4. Plan trips or stay-cations: If your children have time off, consider taking a trip or planning a stay-cation. Even if you do not have full custody, you can still plan for a few days spent making memories with your children that will last a lifetime.
  5. Don’t argue in front of the kids: Avoid tension and arguments with your ex whenever the children are present. This will help to prevent the children from taking sides, or from feeling pressured to defend one parent or another.

Whether you are fighting limited time with your kids, living far apart, or dealing with major tension with your ex, don’t let that keep you from showing your kids just how much you care.

Legal Counsel You Can Count on in San Diego

When you need legal representation that puts your children’s best interests first, you need our team of San Diego divorce and child custody attorneys at Cage & Miles, LLP. If you are worried about child custody and support, new living arrangements, and all the other aspects of divorce, you need an ally to help relieve the stress of the legal process. We can help to protect your rights to your children and will work to make your divorce move as smoothly and quickly as possible, so you can focus on rebuilding your family. Contact our team for an attorney you can count on to be there when you need it most.

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