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Divorce and the Presidential Office

Nearly half of all marriages today end in divorce, but one small group of people have had remarkably stable marriages throughout history: United States Presidents. The President and First Lady have stuck together through thick and thin for pretty much the entire history of the United States, with very few instances of divorce.

There have been only two Presidents who have undergone a divorce at any point. The first was Ronald Reagan, who divorced his first wife early in his life during his acting career. However, his second marriage to Nancy was so stable and iconic that voters didn’t really care about his marital history. The second is President-Elect Donald Trump, who is unique in that he will be the only President in history to have been divorced multiple times when he takes office in January.

This demonstrates how much the appearance of a stable marriage can influence a political career, despite transgressions like infidelity or extramarital affairs. One of the most famous examples of this is the Clinton family. Bill Clinton, our 42nd President, was found guilty of an affair with a White House intern while in office, and was impeached and nearly forced to resign as a result of lying about it to Congress. However, he was acquitted and his wife Hillary, who stood by his side throughout the process, went on to become a Senator for New York, and very nearly became the first female President.

There have been a few instances of a Presidential wedding in our nation’s history. John Tyler and Woodrow Wilson both saw their wives pass away and re-married during their terms in the White House.

Marriage has been so important to the Presidency that to date we have had only one President who never married. James Buchannan served just one term, from 1857 to 1861, and held the title of “bachelor” throughout his life. Today, some historians believe this may be because Buchanan was secretly gay. Considering the taboo social stigma on homosexuality at that time, Buchanan would have had great reason to keep that quality hidden.

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