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Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys in San Diego

What Is a Prenuptial Agreement?

A premarital or prenuptial agreement is an agreement that defines the property and financial rights of two people before they get married. Individuals who obtain wealth prior to marriage may go into this type of agreement in order to protect him or herself from the costly financial consequences of a divorce or legal separation.

To learn more about how this arrangement can help you, call our San Diego family law attorneys at (858) 943-2060 for advice and guidance.

Will My Premarital Agreement be Upheld in California?

Couple signing a prenuptial agreementCalifornia has laws that govern the way property should be divided among spouses in the case of a divorce. However, a valid premarital agreement may split up these assets differently than the way the state’s laws would normally do it.

In most cases, a premarital agreement takes precedence over the state’s standard property division guidelines. When a couple has a valid premarital agreement the state will honor that agreement, although the agreement must be considered fair and protect both parties that enter into the agreement for it to be considered valid.

How Can a Premarital Agreement Protect Me?

A valid premarital agreement can protect you in many different ways. These include:

  • Validating your property ownership: A valid prenuptial agreement can define which property is considered separate, and to whom it will belong in the case of a separation. However, it is important that this property stays in the name of the party that originally owned it, and that the other spouse’s name never attaches to the property. Otherwise, it may be divided equally after divorce, despite the premarital agreement.
  • Establish marital property: A prenuptial can be used to define which property you and your spouse want to be considered as marital assets, even in cases where the property was separate prior to the agreement.
  • Pre-marriage debt: In cases where one person has significant debt prior to the marriage, a premarital agreement can establish that the debt stays separate.

Consult an Experienced San Diego Family Law Attorney

Let our skillful attorneys at Cage & Miles help you write or review your pre-marital agreement in order to make sure it meets California state standards. Call our family lawyers in San Diego now to review the details of your prenup, or to discuss the details of an agreement you wish to make.

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