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California Domestic Violence Attorneys

Helping Victims Overcome Domestic Abuse

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is a difficult and emotional topic. As a result, most instances of domestic violence go unreported, even if the issue of violence is very relevant in most divorce and family law proceedings. Domestic violence is typically perpetrated in a pattern of or cycle of abuse, which is often used as a tool by the abuser to ensure the victim does not end the relationship. In addition, the victim is often in denial regarding the abuse due to the psychological effects of the cycle of violence.

It is important to clarify that domestic violence is not limited to physical abuse or domestic battery. Many forms of coercive control, verbal abuse, financial abuse, and disturbing the peace of another exist and are recognized by California family courts as domestic violence.

With years of professional experience helping hundreds of families throughout California, the domestic violence lawyers at Cage & Miles have the skills to help you create an informed plan to combat issues of domestic abuse. If you need help or information regarding restraining orders and protecting yourself, we can help.


Domestic Violence in California

California family courts can only assist with domestic violence which occurs between individuals with a specific familial or dating relationship.

This means that the victim and alleged abuser must be any of the following:

  • A married couple
  • An unmarried couple who have children together
  • A couple who is divorced or separated
  • Two people who are dating or engaged in a romantic relationship
  • Two people who live together, or used to live together, in a non-roommate capacity
  • Closely related people, such as a parent and child, grandparent and child, or siblings

What Constitutes Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence can include physical harm, domestic battery, mental abuse, threats of physical harm, financial abuse, verbal abuse, coercive control, and other types of prohibited conduct defined below by the California Family Code:

  • Placing a person in imminent danger of bodily harm
  • Recklessly or intentionally causing harm
  • Sexual assault, battery, molestation, or rape
  • Attacking or harassing another individual
  • Persisting, abusive, and unwanted contact
  • Disturbing the peace of a victim
  • Stalking or ignoring the terms of a restraining order

How to Get Help

The first step abuse victims can take to get out of their situation is apply for a temporary restraining order, which is a temporary protective order that can be approved on the same day. It is crucial to speak with an experienced domestic abuse lawyer or local domestic violence advocate to discuss the best way to time and prepare for obtaining a domestic violence restraining order. Every victim of domestic violence needs a firm safety plan in place because leaving the abuser is the most dangerous time in the cycle of abuse for the victim.


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