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Paternity Lawyers in California

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Why Are Paternity Actions Necessary in California?

A paternity action is defined as a civil action which officially deems a man to be a child’s father. While this action is often done by a mother seeking child support, it can be done for other reasons including a father seeking child custody or visitation of his child or a child that wants a relationship or public assistance from a parent.



  • Q: Why is establishing paternity important?

  • A: Legal paternity provides legal rights for the child as well as the father, and allows the mother to seek assistance for the child. It can allow the parents to block foster care placement or adoption of the child, and gives them the legal right and obligation to provide support for the child. 


  • Q: How can I establish paternity in California?

  • A: There are several ways to establish legal paternity. Filing a voluntary petition for a court order, filing through a local child support agency, and through a court order which will require a hearing before a judge. 

Reasons to Establish Paternity

When a married woman has a child, the law automatically assumes that the person to whom she is married is the child’s father. However, in cases where the mother is not married, the biological father is not automatically considered to be the child’s father until he or the mother establishes legal paternity.


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Former clients share their experience

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